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"We help people who feel stuck in their lives 
find solutions and overcome obstacles 
so they can move forward to the next stage of their lives."
Sandra Rinomato

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You know it's the right time to make the move. It is a huge step in your life whether you are 
buying your new home or sell your current property. 

It can be challenging and overwhelming to navigate the real estate market and make the best 
decision that fits your needs and wants. 

We are here to make it easy for you. With 45 years of combined experience under our belts we 
cannot wait to guide you though your big life transition. 

BUY NOW, PAY LATER! Move in 4 months.
Off-Market listing  - 5233 Dundas St. W #524

 Invest in your future with today's prices on this charming off-market 811 sqft 1-bedroom plus den apartment. Located in a prime area, enjoy a sweet balcony and included parking. Move-in ready in 4 months.
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We Offer Simple, Three-Step Process To 
Help You Navigate The Real Estate Market

1. Schedule a Meeting

After contacting us, we set up time for a no-obligation consultation. What's in it for you?At bare minimum, you will likely gain helpful information you didn't have. During the consultation we ask you thought provoking questions to find out what exactly you need to prepare for your move.  

2. Create a Plan

We create a comprehensive plan that is unique to you and your situation. It is important to have a clear plan of action. We make sure that you always retain control and we go at your speed.

3. Get Results

After we affect a successful deal for you, we continue our superior level of service and lead you though necessary steps for closing by providing documentation and any third party professionals that are required. We make sure you are all settled. 

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So Gary, let's talk about what we do, how do we make sure that our buyers don't overpay. This market can change from week-to-week, day-to-day, hour-to-hour, sometimes. So if you're not on top of things you are at a real disadvantage. If the person who's representing you doesn't have that insight, that foresight you're probably going to overpay for something. We use more than one method to evaluate the fair market value of that property today, not last week, not last moths. We know how to do this, we've been doing this for over 40 years. So we've seen it all, we've seen highs and lows - we've seen properties go for crazy prices and we've seen property sell for prices that might surprise you by being low. We know what's happening in the market - we have our finger on the pulse. And that's what you need - Savvy Realtors who are hard working full-time agents. At any time you're going to know exactly why we're suggesting the price we are. In the end it's your decision but we're going to break it down and you're going to see on paper why we're suggesting the price we are. There's going to be rhyme and reason, we're not just pulling numbers out of the air. And the list price is merely a suggestion.

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Hey, we have 40 years of experience between us and over that time period we have fine-tuned our selling system. It doesn't matter if you're selling something for $200,000 or $7,000,000 - it's the same system. It's no stone unturned. We do everything, we use traditional real estate methods and we also use new digital & technologically advanced systems to sell your property. Maximum exposure is definitely important. We leave no stone unturned. And our services are guaranteed in writing.

We're Here To Guide You Though the Real Estate Market 

Hi, I am Sandra Rinomato...

My partner and husband - Gary MacRae have built a successful real estate business by listening to the needs of our clients and this has allowed us to help them ultimately get to the place that they truly want to go.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and understand how challenging and overwhelming moving can be. I understand that your home is more than just a place you live. It represents your journey, your accomplishments, your family, and the life that you have created. I know that moving is very emotional, so I make sure you retain full control during the process and we go at your pace.

I enjoyed being the star of HGTV's Property Virgins and Buy Herself for several years and Gary worked with me behind the scenes helping many of the participants achieve their goals. We leverage modern marketing strategies and technology that work to bring maximum exposure and lean on our massive online presence and unshakeable reputation. As a matter of fact, Royal LePage is the premiere real estate website in Canada besides Realtor.ca and is known as "the voice of Canadian real estate" as the media turn to us for industry insight. 

We also leverage modern marketing strategies that work to bring maximum exposure and lean on our massive online presence and unshakeable reputation.

We work with a wide range of sellers in the GTA. Whether it's your first time, or first time in a long time, we provide top-notch responsible care.

If you are ready to take the headache out of selling your home, schedule a call now to learn how we can help you with this today!
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Sandra Rinomato

Real Estate Broker of Record, CRB, SRS, SRES

My husband and business partner, Gary MacRae

Gary MacRae 


Gary is a seasoned realtor who has seen it all. He has been a top producing agent throughout his career. His direct, no nonsense approach is appreciated by his clients and colleagues alike. His ability to relate to different people and situations enables him to serve the best interests of all of his clients. Highly skilled as a negotiator, he has an instinct for putting deals together efficiently and accurately. His experience enables him to quickly process information, fueling his dynamic and proactive style, to the complete satisfaction of his clients.

"Selling our house could have been a stressful process but, Gary MacRae made the process as easy and smooth as possible. Thanks entirely to his wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate, our journey to sell our home ended up a windfall exceeding all expectations.

With our best interests in mind, he successfully navigated us through the dynamic real estate market, advising on the most opportune time to list using the best strategy for the target market. Gary brought in tradespeople for finishing touches, a professional stager and photographer / videographer to showcase our home and even managed all snow removal!

Gary’s honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour is unparalleled. Coupled with constant communication he kept us well informed, equipped to make the right decision. His sound advice paid dividends. We are incredibly grateful to Gary for all he did to bring this sale to fruition and we highly recommend him for all your real estate needs."

- Sharon Botes



BY: Sandra Rinomato

The real estate market is ever-evolving, influenced by technological advancements, economic shifts, and changing lifestyles. As we move through 2024, several key trends are shaping the landscape, offering both challenges and opportunities for investors, homeowners, and industry professionals. Here are the top five must-consider real estate trends for this year.

1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Housing
Environmental consciousness is no longer a niche preference but a mainstream demand. Buyers and renters alike are prioritizing sustainability in their housing choices. This trend includes the integration of energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, green building materials, and sustainable landscaping practices. Builders and developers focusing on eco-friendly practices are not only contributing to the planet but also appealing to a growing market of environmentally-aware consumers.

2. Remote Work and Hybrid Living Spaces
The remote work trend, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has fundamentally altered how we think about living and working spaces. Homes are no longer just places to live but also serve as offices, gyms, and classrooms. This has increased the demand for properties with dedicated home office spaces, high-speed internet connectivity, and versatile rooms that can be adapted to various needs. Additionally, suburban and rural areas are seeing a resurgence as people seek more space and a better quality of life outside crowded urban centers.

3. Smart Home Technology
Smart home technology continues to revolutionize the real estate market. Modern buyers are looking for homes equipped with the latest in smart tech, including security systems, thermostats, lighting, and home entertainment systems that can be controlled via smartphones or voice assistants. These technologies not only offer convenience and improved security but can also lead to significant energy savings, making homes more attractive to tech-savvy buyers.

4. Co-Living and Shared Spaces
Co-living is emerging as a popular trend, particularly among younger generations and urban professionals. Co-living spaces offer private living areas with shared communal spaces, fostering a sense of community and reducing living costs. This trend is not only evident in residential housing but also in the commercial sector, where shared office spaces are growing in popularity. Real estate developers are increasingly incorporating co-living models into their projects to cater to this demand.

5. Investment in Secondary Markets
With property prices soaring in major metropolitan areas, investors are turning their attention to secondary markets—smaller cities and towns that offer growth potential and lower entry costs. These markets often provide higher rental yields and appreciation potential, making them attractive for both individual and institutional investors. Factors such as quality of life, local economic development, and infrastructure improvements are key considerations when identifying promising secondary markets.

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  • Your goals & objectives are truly important to us
  • We create a custom strategy that suits you
  • You retain control at all times
  • ​We go at your speed
  • ​We decipher the data for you using 45 yrs combined experience and explain everything to you
  • We help you manage the financial and emotional challenges of selling/buying a property
  • We present all of the data so you can make an informed decision
  • ​You'll experience the difference in hiring professionals who care
  • ​We are diligent, accessible, and knowledgeable

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"We help people who feel stuck in their lives find 
solutions and overcome obstacles that block them, so they 
can move forward to the next stage of their lives."

-Sandra Rinomato & Gary MacRae


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